Preparing for your Estate Sale

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Before the Sale

We will complete a walk-through of your home at no charge to you, and provide you with a realistic assessment of the value of the estate, and the best practices for optimal resale.

ConsignWorks will identify and research the value of your designated items and determine the best resale venue, as some specialty items may be more appropriate for other markets such as online stores, specialty dealers and auction houses.

We photograph and often will measure items for pre-sale and marketing activities. An online gallery is created that showcases items as well as other market collateral.

We stage each residence with total care and flair for best presentation. Floors and carpets are protected if this is a service you require, rooms are blocked off and cabinets secured, etc.

We create a material inventory for furniture, art, rugs etc. and tag all items with selling prices. We work with you to determine market value and minimum selling prices. The material inventory is carefully reviewed with our client before the sale.

Consignworks advertises the sale in relevant local newspapers, our website, estate sale exchanges, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Craigslist, and our database of 5,500+ buyers!

The Day of the Sale

We provide professional staff to monitor the sale, and ensure that your property is protected.

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Many towns allow us to post signs directing buyers to the sale. We post No Parking Signs where appropriate. All signs are removed after the sale has concluded.

We document all offers and bids for possible post-sales. We collect payment for items and are responsible for collection. If required by state law, we collect sales tax and forward to the appropriate state Department of Revenue.

The house is left in "broom clean" condition after the sale. The Client is responsible for disposal of items that remain after the sale, however, if requested, we can provide assistance with post-sale activities.  This may include referrals to our partners who will haul trash, buy-out the remainder of your estate, or will assist with organizing these activities.

After the Sale

We work with buyers in after-sale activities to arrange for item pickup. This includes having an on-site presence to monitor buyers and moving efforts.

Finally, we pay our clients promptly – less than 10 days! We include the material inventory sheets for your perusal!

Want more information? Email us at or call us at 1-508-943-1818.